N&R reports:

The Greensboro City Council voted Tuesday night to take the first of three procedural steps to put a $30million bond referendum on the November ballot to help build a downtown performing arts center.

The council’s 6-3 vote came after members heard the results of a consultant’s study, which said that a new downtown venue would enhance the city’s entertainment choices and pump more than $7 million a year into the local economy.

I watched with interest ANS’ presentation, knowing full well what the conclusion be. Quoting Triadwatch’s George Hartzman —who spoke against starting the bond process — it was the ‘most obvious thing’ you’ve seen in Greensboro for a while. That said, I admit AMS representatives handled questions from council well, providing sound details about their market research, which gauged the opinion of about 2,000 people in a city of 270k.

Council members who voted against the motion to start the bond process were Trudy Wade, Dianne Bellamy-Small and Marikay Abuzuaiter.