By now you’ve heard about Guilford County Schools’ decision to double down with Amplify even after the recent disastrous experience with Asus tablets. This time around, Amplify will go with a different manufacturer that has yet to be identified.

The Rhino’s Paul Clark says the compressed timeline to get the new tablets in the mix by next school year means the Board of Education “is stuck in a technological version of the movie Groundhog Day,” complete with inadequate public comment:

The school board, which puts even tiny decisions out for public comment, is, for the second time, making a major experimental change in the way middle-school students are taught, without asking parents.

…As often happens with the school board, however, the Amplify decision did come from nowhere as far as the public is concerned. Many of the political disasters the school board has gotten itself into in recent years have resulted from the board playing its cards too close to the vest, then being surprised by heated opposition.

Yeah well that’s the way they play it when most board members have no opposition come election year, although none other than chairman Alan Duncan is facing a challenger. Will be interesting to see what kind of campaign Monique Morgan will run, given Duncan’s standing in the community as long-time chairman and high-powered attorney.