Katherine Timpf of National Review Online details the latest example of college campus silliness, courtesy of an Atlantic Coast Conference school.

Georgia Tech’s student government has released a two-page “inclusivity checklist” for all campus events — and it includes more than 40 guidelines related to dietary restrictions, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and more.

The list, which a February 27 news article on Georgia Tech’s website describes as having been “recently created,” covers everything from avoiding “unintentionally alienating content” to considering “body size and individual preferences in terms of seating options” to a very exhaustive list of food guidelines. …

… Other guidelines include making sure there are adequate trigger warnings, “a private spot available for people to go if they are triggered” and a general warning to “take your own privilege into account” when planning.

“Many students do not feel welcome attending certain events which do not accommodate their needs,” the guide explains.

Although it’s obviously great to make sure that people feel comfortable getting involved on their campus, I think that these guidelines are a bit much. According to this list, it would be unacceptable to host a meet-and-greet event that serves only pizza because some people don’t eat carbs — and I really think that it would take more than a lack of carb-less options to make a non-pizza eater “not feel welcome” at an event. I mean, here’s an idea: You could still go, and just not eat the pizza. Mind-blowing, I know!