Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling for a shift in the national public policy debate that could unite as many as 80 percent of the American people against the “redistribution, high-tax, big-bureaucracy, fundamentally corrupt model we’re currently seeing in Washington and Sacramento and Albany and Raleigh are in fact unacceptable models that undermine the very definition of being an American.”

Gingrich offered the featured remarks during the John Locke Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration last night in Raleigh. In the video clip below, Gingrich discusses some of the problems America faces today.

Watch the entire 1:33:09 celebration event by clicking play below. In addition to Gingrich’s remarks, you’ll hear from John Hood and Marc Rotterman, as well as John and William Hammer of The Rhino Times (winners of the Pope Award), former Gov. Jim Martin (winner of the Polk Award), and Art Pope (winner of the Knight of the Right award).