Editors at Issues and Insights offer a less-than-warm message to John Kerry upon learning of his departure from the Biden administration.

In a city overflowing with useless people, agencies and institutions, one of its most worthless figures is (finally) leaving his government post. While John Kerry is not quite going away, he is closer to the exit than the entrance. This is good for the country.

At some point this spring, Kerry will leave his billet as the administration’s climate envoy (see what we mean by “useless”?). He will reportedly join the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden, who was for decades useless but eventually became destructive, as the last three years have shown. If voters act rationally, Kerry, an insufferable hypocrite, will disappear from public life for good by the middle of November.

Ever an imperious scold, a male Karen before that term became widely used, Kerry has spent much of his adult life, more than four decades, implementing the Democratic Party dream, which is to convert our civil society to a political society. It’s a point we’ve made before that can’t be made enough:

The left, which has marched through our institutions, won’t rest until the civil society we have flourished in has been replaced with a political society. It craves a societal breakdown, to bury the political and social norms that stand in its path to unchallengeable power.

Most recently Kerry has served as the administration’s climate czar. It was the perfect post for a gasbag, providing its occupant endless opportunities to lecture climate crisis skeptics, whom Kerry surely regards as “stupid.”

But it is Kerry instead who is dim. When it was reported in 2020 that he “would love to take a new Cabinet position devoted to climate change,” economist David Kreutzer noted that “Kerry has proven he is totally ignorant of the basics of climate science.”

This of course never stopped the pompous, condescending Kerry from ridiculing “those who know more,” a practice, says Kreutzer, in which the former Massachusetts senator was “aided and abetted by the media.”