…If only as a footnote—McClatchy is is excited over the fact that President Trump will be the first impeached president nominated for a second term–and that will happen in Charlotte next summer. Of course, that depends–technically—on Trump surviving the Senate trial. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told Fox News that there’s “no chance” Trump will be removed from office.

Charlotte’s footnote to history aside, North Carolina will be a major battleground state in the 2020 election:

Next fall, Trump and his Democratic opponent are expected to visit North Carolina more than once. Republicans say Trump has to win has to win the state to win re-election.

With voters divided, no presidential candidate has carried the state with more than 50.4% of the vote since 2008.

So after Republicans renominate an impeached president in Charlotte, North Carolina will continue to be in the spotlight. In addition to the presidential race, there will be a pivotal U.S. Senate contest, a high-profile governor’s race and dozens of other contests.

“North Carolina is going to be a battleground state to the end — convention or no convention, impeachment or no impeachment,” said political strategist Paul Shumaker, whose clients include Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr.

“That’s the nature of our state.”