A “$1.1 trillion, earmark-filled, omnibus spending bill” is running into opposition from the minority Republicans in the outgoing U.S. Senate. Emily Miller posts details at Human Events:

In response, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has directed
the Republican leadership to wage war against Reid?s omnibus and
replace it with his short-term spending bill. 

?I am actively
working to defeat it,? McConnell said on Tuesday after seeing the
omnibus for the first time. ?This bill should not go forward. We didn’t
pass a single appropriation bill… It is completely and totally
inappropriate to wrap all of this up into a 2,000-page bill and try to
pass it the week before Christmas.?

On Thursday morning,
McConnell offered a one-page, short-term Continuing Resolution (CR),
that would fund the government at current levels until February 18.

?Once the new Congress is sworn in, we?ll have a chance to pass a less
expensive bill free of wasteful spending. Until then, we should take a
step back and respect the clear will of the voters,? said McConnell in a
statement on Thursday.

At least someone seems to realize that overspending is the problem.