Charles Sauer writes for the Washington Examiner about the negative impact of government intervention in workplace diversity issues.

Many times when we see that things in the workplace are unequal it is because of systemic factors in society and underlying career funnels. For instance, a few years ago I hosted an event on Capitol Hill to celebrate female inventors. One of the speakers had some excellent insight into some of these problems facing women and how she was working to solve them.

The one that stuck out to me was that because there were fewer women in her program, there was a smaller pool of partners for studying together in the dorms. The men weren’t rejecting the women or being sexist, they were just studying in the easiest way possible. So, in her position at the school she made a change to the program that meant that more people studied in the library, and more women started staying in the program.

She noticed an invisible problem and solved it. Imagine how much less effective she would have been if she’d simply protested.

The Trump administration has the opportunity to make a similar fix for a problem created by the Obama administration, which filed a batch of midnight lawsuits against tech companies regarding equality in the workplace that should have been withdrawn by the Trump administration, but they weren’t. Instead, these companies are facing more and more harassment from the federal government.

The Trump administration was supposed to be different; they were supposed to streamline labor laws to promote economic growth.