Cemala Foundation executive director Susan Scwhwartz’s N&R op-ed on Greensboro’s proposed downtown performing arts center is unposted, but this is pretty much all you need to read:

Some say the choice of constructing a performing arts center must go to the voters. I say, why? Voters had the opportunity in two bond referendums to renovate War Memorial Auditorium. They chose not to and it is crumbling away.

Last week the N&R’s Doug Clark wrote Mayor Robbie Perkins efforts to storng-arm the City Council on GPAC are just politics, kinda like Lincoln, so no one should really be shocked.

Somehow I think the only people who would be surprised at the politics behind this deal are supporters wearing their ‘arts create jobs’ buttons and passionately promoting GPAC’s greater good. But Schwartz’s flat-out statement that this does not need to go before voters proves me wrong.