The following graph updates the by-now eminently risible Obama administration graph touting the need for the president’s stimulus boondoggle. The graph now stands as a sterling rebuttal to the stimulus, as its unemployment worst-case scenario looks far preferable to the quagmire we’ve dearly bought for ourselves.

As others have done, I’ve updated the old chart with the actual unemployment numbers, but I’ve gone a step further. I’ve also added the recent economic “rescue bills” by both presidents Bush and Obama, plus the lame-duck Democrat Congress’ proposed last feeding frenzy at the national trough; i.e., this $1.1 Trillion omnibus spending bill.

The graph should speak for itself (click it for a larger version):

Once again, it seems to me Congress and the president are closely following the 1930’s Idiot’s Guide for Driving the National Economy into a Tree.