While I was away on vacation, Billy Prim started moving some dirt for his taxpayer-funded downtown Winston-Salem baseball stadium.

In a letter to the editor in today’s edition, Winston-Salem resident Jack Brandon says what I basically said months ago when the city was considering the project:

Billy Prim will own the downtown baseball stadium and collect all revenue for the first 25 years. Winston-Salem will take over the stadium at that point – just about the time Prim figures that major renovations and upkeep will begin?

Winston-Salem will pay Prim $1 million a month for a year. Billy Prim is possibly one of the best salesmen to hit this area since the medicine-show wagon passed through – or he has been dealing with the most sophisticated rubes since the boat docked.

But here’s the kicker: Brandon wraps up by suggesting that Winston-Salem is suffering from — I can’t believe I’m saying this —– Greensboro envy:

Greensboro, please, please do not build or start anything else; we Winston-Salem taxpayers can’t afford anything additional.