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Brittany Raymer serves as the Digital Writer and Editor for the John Locke Foundation, providing timely articles, copyediting and occasional marketing copy for the email newsletter.

She has a decade of experience working at nonprofits and analyzing policy issues, from the state level to international issues. As a journalist with The Daily Citizen and Decision magazine, she’s had the privilege of interviewing former Vice President Mike Pence, Dana Perino, Shannon Bream, Ken Starr, Rep. Ann Wagoner (R-MO) and other high-profile individuals in media, politics and ministry.

Her writing has also been featured in The Christian Post and The Washington Times.

Brittany graduated from Liberty University with an M.A., focusing on American foreign policy. Her thesis was on the development of the atomic bomb in Pakistan during the Carter administration.

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys reading, writing, traveling and spending time with her family.