Guilford County Board of Commissioners overwhelmingly reject a resolution supporting the Piedmont Triad Regional Council’s proposed $4 million Kernersville headquarters:

The commissioners disliked the idea so much that, even though Guilford County wouldn’t be financially obligated by the new building, Commissioner Kirk Perkins said that the group was getting way ahead of itself. Commissioner Paul Gibson said, “I have a lot of questions and they haven’t been answered here tonight.” And Commissioner Billy Yow openly questioned the group’s judgement. After Yow heard the amount PTRC is paying for rent in its current office space, an amazed Yow asked, “Are ya’ll living in the White House?”

PTRC wasn’t seeking funding for the new HQ per se, although member government dues certainly will help pay for it. Endorsement from from member governments is necessary to proceed however, and standard operating procedure is to get ‘popular support’ by having counties sign off. Since Guilford County refused to endorse the project, PTRC’s next move may be to go to the individual cities —High and Greensboro— for support.