National Journal reports many believe former Sen. Kay Hagan is the only hope Democrats have to regain a Senate seat:

To many of the state’s top Democratic strategists, Hagan isn’t just the top choice, she’s the only choice. And that presumption has made for an unusual recruiting process. Unlike the relentless courtship of most prospective candidates, party leaders have kept their distance from Hagan for the last six months—acutely aware that last year’s grueling and unsuccessful re-election campaign kicked off what would necessarily be a lengthy cooling-off period.

But as the calendar has turned toward summer, Hagan loyalists and Democratic leaders gradually re-initiated contact and starting the process of convincing her that she is their singular chance against Republican Sen. Richard Burr.

“If she doesn’t run, we don’t have anybody,” warned Brad Crone, a veteran Democratic strategist in the state. It is a fear that is echoed throughout North Carolina.

“There’s a big drop off after Hagan,” said one of the former senator’s donors. “She’s got major-league stuff, and after that, we unfortunately have a bullpen full of double-A arms.”

Major factor —you guessed it –who will have the money?