An assessment of India’s health care landscape indicates that it’s ripe with competition. It hosts the fourth-largest number of physicians in the world accompanied by the second-highest number of hospitals at 15,000 and counting. But even with available supply of health care resources and a booming economy since the 1990s, there are critical environmental factors that still make it difficult for the majority of the Indian population to access health care needs:

  • Over half of the population lives in rural areas that lack adequate health care infrastructure
  • High levels of impoverishment
  • Demand for care outweighs available supply, given that the physician to patient ratio is .5:1,000.

Fortunately, health care price transparency has mitigated the prevalence of these trends.

Price transparency is a foreign concept in America’s mainstream health care landscape. But for foreign nations like India, price transparency is mainstream, and it is a driving force behind Dr. Devi Shetty’s relentless passion to provide the highest quality cardiac care to the masses at the lowest possible cost. You can read more about his vision here, here, and here.