Disclaimer: Fresh air and water are good, and pollution is bad. Claimer: We need science literacy. A retired Appalachian State University professor is starting the Boone chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. One reason is that back in 1815, blacksmiths and teamsters were taking readings of atmospheric particulates worldwide. I guess. Their pioneer sensors accurately detected an average global reading of atmospheric carbon particulates of 280 ppm. Through the years, levels have been documented, and they demonstrate concentrations are increasing as the square of time.

To stop global warming, it is now necessary to decrease the current 400 ppm concentration of carbon particulates to 350. To accomplish this, oil companies and affiliates will be charged incremental fees for extracting carbon-based fuels from the ground. The first year the lobbyists have their way, the fee will be 12 cents per gallon. It will be passed on to consumers, but a magical process, which inferentially includes rationing, redistributes the proceeds from the pot equally to all adult citizens.

In the end, consumers pay more for fuel, but get it back in the dividend – a process called ‘fee and dividend economics.’

A few years down the road, gas would become so expensive, the dividends won’t work, and people will have to power their cars with geothermal, wind, and/or solar. The lobby, mind you, is worldwide with membership and branches totaling numbers not worth mentioning in the local coverage.