Lots of news lately about where Greensboro ranks in various polls —remember the hand-wringing about the Gate City being ranked as among the hungriest cities in the nation?

Here’s a ranking for you—-the city reports WalletHub.com ranks Gboro as the fourth best city—-drumroll please —–to be a driver:

The website compared the 100 most populated US cities’ average gas prices, average annual traffic delays, rates of car theft, parking rate and other metrics to determine the top “haven-like” cities for drivers for 2015. See specifics below:

Being a Driver in Greensboro (1=Best; 50=Average)

1st – Average parking rates
14th – Number of car washes per 100,000 residents
16th – Average annual hours of traffic delays
16th – Number of car dealerships per 100,000 residents
18th – Rate of car thefts
22nd – Accident likelihood compared with national average

Honestly I’d feel a lot better if the rate of car thefts were a lot lower, not to mention the accident likelihood. Maybe this shows the value of such rankings.

By the same token I have to wonder advocates for mulitmillion-dollar greenways, expanded public transportation, high density development and walkability would react to this ranking.