Hotter than a flambe, nerves shredded like a chiffonade, squawking like a pouissin, the French are fired up about their cuisine – rechauffee or fait maisson?  Nanny state or full disclosure?  You decide:

Fearing the creeping use of re-heated pre-prepared food in restaurants, French lawmakers have voted to force restaurants to use a “home made” label for freshly made dishes, and will fine those that use it fraudulently.

In a bid to stop industrially prepared re-heated food undermining France’s culinary reputation, French lawmakers on Thursday voted to oblige restaurants that prepare fresh dishes to label menu items “fait maison” [home made].

Voted by the lower National Assembly, the bill must now be passed by the upper Senate.

The move, if passed, will be compulsory – and offenders fraudulently passing off re-heated food as freshly-made will be fined.