Ted Noel writes for the American Thinker about a strategy U.S. House Republicans could employ to improve conditions in the U.S. Capitol.

Democrats are trying to destroy America as quickly as possible, and Republicans seem somewhat befuddled as to what they can do. After all, they only control (by the barest of margins) a single House of Congress and face a virulent incompetent across the Resolute Desk. Their leader in the House is suddenly being accused of being a squish, having surrendered in the debt limit negotiations while gaining very little.

To quote Vito Corleone, it’s time to make them an offer they can’t refuse. And if McCarthy holds firm, America will celebrate. Let me ‘splain it to you.

One of the promises Kevin McCarthy made was that the House would operate under “regular order.” That means, among other things, that each departmental appropriations bill will come up for a vote by itself. So, the Department of the Interior gets a vote, the Department of Education gets a vote, and so on. This is radically different from “Omnibus” appropriations that have come year after year when negotiations break down, or the House just doesn’t get its work done. When that happens, bureaucrats celebrate, and taxpayers get screwed.

Suppose that the Speaker gives his various committees “drop dead” dates for getting bills to the floor. On top of that, suppose there are some conservative ideas in those bills. The Education bill might be a good place to start. After all, that’s where the street fighting is already happening. …

… Democrats will definitely have a hissy fit about this. But it’s time to recognize that the public’s appreciation of leftist crocodile tears is definitely limited. Real Americans have real jobs to pay for the real food they put on their family’s table. They just don’t care about coddled toddlers in adult-size clothes. It’s time for them to enroll in remedial classes at the University of Hard Knocks. They can register for classes at their local 7/11 or MacDonald’s.