John Schindler writes for the Washington Examiner about shocking revelations on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday, House Republicans unveiled their investigation into the Biden family’s financial interests with foreign entities. Their 36-page report illuminates a complex web of shell companies operated for the lucrative benefit of several Biden family members. Most notably, Hunter Biden.

Let’s set aside the legal and ethical implications of this affair, which raise questions about what those foreigners thought they were getting in exchange for large sums of money. My wheelhouse is counterintelligence – protecting American interests and persons against foreign espionage efforts. Here the report’s findings, which focus on Communist China, can confidently be termed explosive.

The outline of this story has been known since Hunter Biden’s laptop came to light in 2020, despite extensive efforts by the Democratic-Media-Tech complex to hide its contents. The heart of the scandal is lucrative dealings by Biden Inc. with a Beijing firm called CEFC China Energy, which appeared out of nowhere a decade ago and quickly became a big player in global energy markets, only to mysteriously disappear in 2018. CEFC was the firm that Biden Inc. got chummy with once Joe Biden ended his second term as vice president in January 2017.

CEFC’s efforts to enter a relationship with Biden Inc. date to late 2015, when Joe Biden was still vice president. Moreover, CEFC employed multiple shell companies to mask high-dollar payments to Biden Inc. Hunter Biden forged relationships with CEFC’s boss Ye Jianming as well as Gongwen “Kevin” Dong, who was CEFC’s “emissary” to the United States. Hunter Biden likewise got chummy with another CEFC bigwig, Chi Ping “Patrick” Ho (Ho was the friend memorably referred to by Hunter Biden as “the f*****g spy boss of China”).

In other words, Hunter Biden knew exactly what sort of people his friends from Beijing were.