(Parts I, II, III and IV).

Duke student columnist Nathan Carleton reports today in the Duke Chronicle:

This year, the Duke performance was less a series of monologues and more interactive. Specifically, 14 females formed a circle on stage, asked questions like ?If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?,? and proceeded to shout out answers to them.

One scene stressed the importance of pubic hair, with an actress declaring that ?you have to love hair to love the vagina.? Another part was dedicated to a 72-year-old arthritic woman and her search for a certain pleasure point. …

The Monologues, of course, were part of a larger series of V-Day activities like the ?Vagina Workshop??an event held at the Mary Lou Williams Center last week for females to display sex toys and discuss masturbation.

All that and Carleton still has the audacity to suggest that TVM and all the ancillary silliness “objectify females and their bodies worse than anyone.” Then he goes on to state that he can’t see how equating women with their genitalia is going to challenge those men who think of women as sexual objects.

*Tsk, tsk, tsk.* Obviously, the V-Day movement has even more work to do than previously thought …