High Point is considering a convention center to boost tourism, so they’re commissioning a feasibility study from an as-yet-unselected ‘strategic convention facility planning firm.’

You know how I feel about consultants’ reports— they don’t get hired to provide the wrong answer. Yet I’ll take HPCVB president Tim Mabe at his word:

“That’s why it’s real important we pick the right group that’s doing this,” said Tim Mabe, partners board member and High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau president and CEO. “First of all, we want an honest answer that’s not going to just be a puppet or rubber stamp from the CVB or city or somebody that’s going to want to dominate that discussion. I think we really want to get to the truth and heart of, ‘Do we need one or not?’ And if we do, what kind do we need and if we don’t, then I think we just move on and find out what it is. I don’t think we stop, ever.”

Just so happens the John Locke Foundation recently weighed in on convention centers.