Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon explains why conservatives ought to embrace the president’s dolt of a son.

Right-wing conservative patriots are understandably frustrated with America’s political leaders. It often seems as though no one in a position of prominence has the courage or testicular fortitude to stand up and fight for their values.

They need a hero who gets them. Someone who understands their passion for freedom and capitalism. Someone who respects the military. Someone who fights. A hero who is willing to do whatever it takes to stop President Joe Biden from destroying this great country.

Perhaps this hero does exist. A ruthless capitalist who loves the Second Amendment as much as he hates the IRS, and is doing more than any Republican leader to bring down the Biden administration. We’ve just been looking for him in all the wrong places.

Meet Robert Hunter Biden. You probably already know who he is. (The delinquent adult son of President Joe Biden.) So you’re probably more likely to think of him as a liberal scumbag than as a right-wing freedom fighter.

Perhaps we should consider the facts and examine the evidence before rushing to judgment. Now more than ever, we mustn’t let our partisan biases cloud our judgment and deprive us of potential allies in the fight to Make America Great Again again. …

He’s an anti-tax crusader

Like most hardworking American patriots, Hunter hates having to fork over a chunk of his paycheck to the federal government so that feckless bureaucrats can fund trauma therapy for journalists (no, we’re not kidding) and other boondoggles.

Hunter doesn’t just complain about the IRS. For years, he has nonviolently protested injustice by withholding tax payments, refusing to disclose hard-earned foreign income, and writing off his prostitution-related endeavors as legitimate business expenses. …

He’s a gun rights pioneer

Throughout his troubled life, Hunter has proudly exercised his right to bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment. Rather than accept a plea deal, Hunter is contesting the federal government’s case against him for allegedly lying about his so-called substance abuse on a form to acquire a handgun.