ggThis may not mean anything, but reports from precincts around the city are that turnout is very light in the GOP primary — more so than in 2005. That makes me wonder about the Charlotte city council at-large race in particular. Will there be a surprise there?

And it is easy to assume that Mayor Pat McCrory is going to cruise past Ken Gjertsen except for a one odd little event over the weekend. The McCrory camp evidently freaked over the sudden appearance of 400 pro-Gjertsen yard signs across South Charlotte. Calls were made to the homes of yard-sign enforcement officials and demands were made for the removal of out-of-compliance signs.

Does that sound like a campaign confident that its $600K will smash the opponent’s $600? Not terribly. Now throw in the light turnout and maybe McCrory does not win with Ceausescu-like numbers.

Polls are open until 7:30pm.

Update: Here’s a fun fact, at-large candidates John Lassiter and Dan Ramirez both got about 1000 more votes than Mayor Pat McCrory. Turnout turned out to be exactly the same as in 2005, about 5 percent. But McCrory’s percentage dipped from 74-26 to 67-33.