Today would be a nice day to thank Mr. Steele. He was my high school civics teacher. He taught us about intellectual thought leading up to the American Revolution. We read original materials and did lots of extra-credit assignments. To that, we contrast entertaining commentary from Pope Center staff about the dearth of instruction on fundamentals in the nation’s founding in colleges today. It is a very sorry situation. All these kids who want to make the world a better place go to college and emerge misdirected.

I first came in contact with revisionist history about fifteen or twenty years ago. I was dating a perpetual student who told me all about Thomas Jefferson’s affairs with his slaves. It was just plain creepy. The same student explained the mechanics underlying Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory to me by saying professor so-and-so said so. I finally conceded he indeed was evolved from aquatic apes, but I was descended from angels, or so I told him. I lied.