I appreciate stories that showcase the free market work, particularly since a lot of folks don’t seem to understand how markets functions and why it’s important to allow market forces to work unimpeded. In this piece, we get a look at the intersection of innovation and market demands by small business owners for mobile, lightweight, business-oriented technology solutions. Thus, it appears that apps are emerging as a key efficiency tool as tablets gain on laptops as key business operation devices. The Ipad gets lots of praise for how it functions for business in the story, but as is always the case when demand appears, other platforms/tablet makers are moving to help fill the need and gain market share.

A slew of rival tablet makers are hoping to loosen Apple’s dominant grip on the market. The Windows 8-based RT Surface tablet that Microsoft unveiled in June, and is expected to start selling in the fall, is targeted at the mobile professional. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet comes with a so-called S Pen that business people can use to draw or take notes. And Lenovo sells the business-oriented ThinkPad Tablet, an Android device with a digitizer pen.