The  North Carolina State Board of Elections has launched a formal investigation into “Neighbors on Call,” a local PAC working with Democratic candidates in key legislative elections. Earlier this week, the Civitas Center for Public Integrity filed a complaint regarding this PAC’s access to the state Democratic Party’s canvassing data. 

The Democratic party canvassing efforts, run through a company called NGP Van, INC., has a subscription fee of $10,000 a month, according to FEC reports. This service alone exceeds North Carolina’s contribution limit of $5,600 that a standard PAC can give or receive from a party committee. 

Neighbors on Call has been heavily active within Democratic circles for years. They shared a stage with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez and were recognized by local Democratic executive committees during their 2021 conventions for their assistance in canvassing efforts “to expand [the] volunteer base and engage more democrats.” 

Except from current Orange County Democratic Party Chair Jonah Garson during their 2021 convention

All parties involved have been informed of the filed report and await further investigation from the State Board of Elections.