The USA Today headline says it all:

Obesity fight needs ambitious campaign, health leaders say


The story looks at the tactics taken against tobacco companies and explores whether this is the model for public health officials to take in fighting obesity. While some in the story say they’re not equivalent, one advocate says it’s time to push ahead. I think we can expect the nanny-staters to pick up on this gentlemen’s line about  “making profits off of obesity.”


Others are much less certain that the food and beverage industry can be trusted to be helpful partners.

“Some companies are making huge profits off obesity,” said Stan Dorn, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute, a public policy research center in Washington, D.C., “and I worry that people who are focused on anti-obesity strategies aren’t being tough enough on them.”


I have an idea. How about we all make it our personal responsibility to eat less, choose our foods more wisely, and exercise more? Problem solved.