A little bit of knowledge is said to be a dangerous thing, and my B.S. degree is only enough for me to assume that pure science is not practiced with hearsay, appeal to authority, and politicization. I also learned that the amount of time and resources available to me right now are insufficient for me to reach a conclusion about the latest trichloroethlene scare in Buncombe County with a non-laughable confidence interval.

That said, I now say ho-hum, and honor a request from Buncombe County School Board mover and shaker Lisa Baldwin to post a hyperlink to an article covering concerns she has raised that a site for a proposed educational facility has not been adequately tested for potential contamination. Her adversaries, which from all accounts appear to be everybody else in the school district’s administration, once again believe she is creating extra work without cause. But then, I always thought little green children with three eyes were kinda cute.