I’m trying to understand why Vice President Biden is apologizing to the president for his remarks about gay marriage. If, as supporters of gay marriage contend, gay marriage is a civil right, then isn’t Mr. Biden a hero for the cause? Isn’t he to be applauded for pushing civil rights forward? Instead his remarks are being characterized by media as a “gaffe,” and he has reportedly apologized to the president.

The president is addressing the issue in terms of timing.

Obama also told Robin Roberts of ABC:

“I think Joe is an extremely generous loving person. And I think he was responding honestly in terms of how he felt.

Would I have preferred to have done this in my own way? In my own terms without there being a lot of notice to everybody that this is where we were going? Sure. But all’s well that ends well.”

What’s more, if gay marriage is a civil right, as supporters contend, then will Democrats add it to the party platform and hail it as social progress at the party’s national convention in Charlotte? Party chairs in 11 states are pushing for it. Will the new leader of North Carolina’s party do the same?

We’ll see, but the fact is, most Americans do not support gay marriage, as 31 states have now affirmed in their constitutions. This week here in North Carolina, 61 percent of voters said no to the idea.