Lackluster sales of electric vehicles are pushing at least one city to add yet another incentive to get people to buy them. The new idea is to give dealerships incentives so their sales people will push the vehicles. In this story, we learn that Salt Lake City is removing the fees from its charging stations to see if free charges will make people buy more electric vehicles. From

  • Electric vehicle (EV) owners in Salt Lake City can now get a free charge, thanks to the city’s repeal of user fees at its EV charging ports. The move is an effort to encourage residents to use the stations and purchase EVs.
  • Since the installation of 28 charging stations a year ago, customers had to pay $1 to connect and 10 cents per kilowatt hour. The city plans to install more charging stations this year.
  • Salt Lake City leaders will monitor the use and costs of the charging stations now that they’re free, and will determine whether or not to reinstate a fee at some point in the future.

    Clearly, electric vehicles aren’t able to survive in the marketplace.