What is? Many things, yes, to which we must add employment prospects for the poor, minorities, and least skilled, if the president is able to hike the minimum wage and extend jobless benefits (for that is the end result of those policies in the real world, however compassionate they sound), but in this case I’m referring to the nation’s health care system.

As John Hood wrote yesterday:

They said that once Washington and the states got their respective websites working properly, people would begin to change their minds about Obamacare. Supporters said that increases in exchange enrollment in December were evidence that support was growing. They also said that in about half the states, the largest component of Obamacare — Medicaid expansion — had resulted in millions of Americans gaining access to health care for the first time.

No. What’s really going on with the implementation of President Obama’s signature program is that an arrogant, poorly informed class of social engineers, both inside and outside government, is in the process of doing considerable, perhaps lasting, damage to the nation’s health care system, insurance market, and labor market. Some realize this but think their ultimate goal — a government takeover of health care finance — is worth the cost. Others either believe their own propaganda or can’t bring themselves to admit error. …

So what happens in 2014? Well, the number of people who see the health plans cancelled because of Obamacare will be higher, not lower, than in 2013 as the benefit mandates begin to apply to employer plans. Extrapolating from national estimates, upwards of a million North Carolinians could find themselves shopping for new, more-expensive plans in the exchanges. Or they will find themselves uninsured.

For rebuttal, there is always this: