Announcing he’s going to announce is to be expected from the man with the core conviction that he’s got a core conviction and whose “message of hope” was that he had a “message of hope.”

As I wrote back then,

is Edwards forever to be plagued by the rejoinder, “Can you be more specific? What, exactly, are you talking about?” I’m guessing he will, so long as he makes such bland utterances as “I intend to speak out and stand up for my core beliefs, my convictions, with passion.”

Nevertheless, the Videri Quam Esse politician has outdone himself in saccharine rhetoric with his new campaign slogan:

Tomorrow begins today.

Please, somebody, tell me this was focus-grouped. That would be perfection. Tomorrow begins … today. Like whoaaah, dude, it’s totally the future right now and stuff.

Holy Christmas, what hooey.

Anyway, according to this AP news article, somebody slipped up on Edwards’ campaign (the news of which still shocks the UNC administration) and announced it today instead of tomorrow.

Aside: If you were to combine Edwards’ fluff slogan with Al Gore’s fear-mongering rhetoric, that would mean that the Category Seven ice hurricane that’s due to strike the day after tomorrow would begin hitting us … tomorrow!