I’m taking into consideration that the N&R —as reporters are sometimes known to do —-might have embellished a bit when reporting yesterday’s court proceedings allowing Greensboro City Council member Nancy Vaughan to vote on the contract to operate the White Street landfill.

Still, here’s what jumped out at me:

“Yes!” Vaughan whispered from her seat in the courtroom when she heard the judge’s decision.

After the hearing ended, Vaughan celebrated with her husband, who had been subpoenaed by Gate City.

“Congratulations,” he said, hugging her. “The case law is crystal clear. The attorney was exactly right.”

I have to wonder exactly what there is to celebrate, since this supposedly is all about Vaughan performing her duty as a member of a legislative body—casting a difficult vote on an issue that will affect all of Greensboro’s citizens. Again, I try to stray from political relativism, yet I can’t imagine the reaction if a council member whispered “Yes!” and “celebrated” after being legally cleared to vote in favor of reopening the White Street landfill.