As the US slinks further into uncontrollable government debt, as grocery prices are reminiscent of Weimar Republic days, as the US in political correctness assents to nuclear arms buildup in rogue anti-American states, as growing numbers of Americans cannot afford food or housing and unemployment continues to get worse, as all these people now dependent on the welfare state must deem the Constitution less valuable than already half biodegraded green toilet paper or starve, as businesses need welfare to pay their accountants and attorneys and not run afoul of guidelines – the mass media wants us to fight like kids in a sandbox, arbitrarily pairing human characteristics, like the length of one’s legs and one’s music preference.

I have bigger fish to fry – like trying to get through the traffic jams and grocery lines in half an hour now that I’ve given up on McDonald’s. I do not want to be dragged into the fray, but here I go again.

For the umpteen millionth time, do what you want in the bedroom and keep my nose out of it. Do not attempt to make me obsess over what body parts you want to put together. Keep it intimate, keep it special. Love is not a publicity stunt.

But while we’re on the subject, do you suppose there is a reason why men and women have traditionally had separate powder rooms? It is not that any humans have ever been prone to voyeurism; it is because men don’t put the seats back down and women get a shock when they sit on the cold, wet porcelain.