Rajan Laad writes for American Thinker about the vice president’s struggles.

There are some people who aren’t articulate despite possessing the knowledge. There are others who are adept wordsmiths but possess no knowledge.

Most overcome either of these shortcomings by burning their midnight oil.

There are a rare kind who are not only inarticulate and ignorant but are too lazy to apply themselves even minimally.

Then there is Kamala Harris.

She is not only nation’s primary world salad chef but the leader of the league of ignoramuses. And that’s not all, she also has no self-awareness and probably thinks of herself as abundantly talented. This rules out the possibility of any remedial measures.

Kamala has consistently achieved a rare and most undesirable kind of inconsistency.

It is usually not a question of if, but when, Kamala babbles inanities. This usually occurs the moment her vocal cords begin to exert.

When she isn’t waging a bitter war against the English language she battles with facts, both current and historical.

Every syllable she utters has the tone of one doesn’t have a clue of the sounds she is producing.

It also demonstates an astounding level of unpreparedness, she doesn’t seem to care about the office she holds or even her reputation.

If questioned, Kamala will claim that all her detractors are racists, sexists and mysogynists.

So what’s her latest catastrophe?

During a conversation with Tim Boyum from Spectrum News, Harris claimed that women’s basketball was gaining popularity because in the past, the women’s tournament didn’t have brackets. …

… Her claims, as always have no connections with facts. She clearly said brackets, not March Madness.

To celebrate this gaffe, we revisit some of her previous monumental catastrophes:

Back in January 2023, Harris struggled to construct sentences while explaining “clean energy economy.”

She referred to “doing the work” to help businesses “do the work” for the green economy.