If you were too busy to watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings this week, or if you turned them off in disgust, Will Baude has posted several highlights from a surprisingly edifying exchange between Judge Kavanaugh and Sen. Mike Lee:

First, there was a colloquy in which Judge Kavanaugh explained that he is a “public meaning originalist,” … and also provided some useful clarifications about what originalism is:

Second, Senator Lee asks Judge Kavanaugh: “Do you have a favorite among the Federalist Papers?” …

And while I had been planning to post only those two clips, I was also caught by a final exchange on human fallibility and constitutional structure.

Prof. Baude ends his post by saying, “I was already very pleased by the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. Now I am even more so.” I couldn’t agree more. Kavanaugh’s performance during the hearings has been absolutely masterful. He’s going to be a great addition to the court.