What jumps out when reading Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller’s N&R exit interview:

It’s very easy to focus on the process side of the job and completely lose connectivity with the community. I don’t view us as law enforcement. I’m a policeman and the business I’m in is policing. Policing is much more encompassing than law enforcement.

It takes examples periodically, like Ferguson, to wake us up and shake us a little bit. We haven’t really had that kind of incident here in Greensboro.

That might be news to a couple of local activists— Revs. Nelson Johnson and Cardes Brown following the Aug. 4 arrest of 27-year-old Rufus Scales and the citation of his 22-year-old brother Devin. Johnson said the arrest was “frighteningly similar” to the tragic incident in Ferguson, while Brown is more direct, saying in today’s (unposted) N&R article —right below Miller’s interview on the front page — that “Ferguson is happening in Greensboro.”