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Since the rollout of Obamacare’s exchanges in October 2013, McKinsey and Co. has surveyed a national sample of individuals eligible for an Obamacare qualified health plan within the individual health insurance market.

The slide above illustrates just one snapshot of the study’s main mission: to understand eligible consumer behavior when selecting/purchasing  individual health policies both on and off the ACA exchanges.  McKinsey notes:

Of all February respondents who reported they selected a new 2014 product (insured who switched, previously uninsured who enrolled), 27 percent were previously uninsured, compared with 11 percent in the earlier surveys.     

More and more reports are being released that focus on the impact of Obamacare in the individual health insurance market.  These studies are asking the critical questions that will remain unknown for some time: How many previously uninsured are now gaining coverage?  How many individual policyholders were previously insured but had to switch to an Obamacare compliant policy?  Who has yet to pay their premium? How many individuals will consistently pay their monthly premium over the year?  Results will certainly vary due to different sample sizes and methodologies, but they are still worth observation.