Daily Kos goes all in for Democratic candidate Laura Fjeld in the 6th District Congressional race:

Fjeld’s issues in this campaign include strong support for public education — particularly important here in North Carolina which, according to the NEA, leads the nation in public school enrollment growth but also in the rate of decline in teacher salaries, with the average teacher’s salary ranking a shocking 46th in the nation. Fjeld also supports increasing the minimum wage, observing that “There are 700,000 workers in North Carolina who would greatly benefit from an increase. Most are women who are supporting a family.” Her other issues include pro-choice, pro-ACA, environmental protection and anti-billionaire-subsidy positions that she consistently frames in a smart, nuanced way designed to speak to the self-interest of (rather than turn off) voters in this admittedly conservative district.

Do I even need to mention how Kos characterizes Fjeld’s Republican opponent, Greensboro minister Mark Walker? You guessed it—-“a rabid tea party loon.”

*Via Jon Ham over at Locker Room.