Mike Gonzalez writes for the Washington Examiner about a political challenge for the left.

The Spanish-language network Univision interviewed former President Donald Trump this month and allowed him to respond to questions without interruption or personal attacks. It was like every interview the legacy media have conducted with President Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton. So, of course, leftist Latino groups, terrified this shift reflects the changing political views of Univision’s audience, are throwing a hissy fit.

More than 70 Democratic Party-affiliated groups and some individuals, including the actor John Leguizamo, have signed a letter crying foul. This includes left-of-the-left groups such as La Raza (now going by the name UnidosUS), the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The Washington Post reported that more than 70 groups sent the letter last Friday to Wade Davis, a Univision executive, and other executives at the media company. Univision, which is formally known as TelevisaUnivision after it was acquired by Mexican media giant Televisa in 2021, is the largest Spanish-language media outfit in the U.S.

“We demand Univision conduct a thorough internal review, take corrective measures, and reaffirm its commitment to unbiased reporting and to keeping the Latino community informed and up-to-date with facts and truth,” the letter said, according to the Washington Post, which also said the letter called the interview “a betrayal of trust.”

“This trust has been betrayed. It is beyond alarming to learn that Univision’s leadership is giving former President Donald Trump — the most anti-Latino and anti-immigrant president in modern American history — unquestioned access and allowed him to spread falsehoods unchecked,” the letter added, according to a separate report by the Messenger.

The CHC is taking things to a different level. According to the Washington Post and the Messenger, it is planning to send Univision its own letter. It will also demand that executives meet with members of the CHC.