Becket Adams writes for the Washington Examiner about a major problem for the political left.

When it comes to political violence, the Left has a problem.

The Right likewise has a problem, but there’s no shortage of commentary regarding this exact topic. In fact, even the federal government is laser-focused on violence from the Right. In contrast, left-wing violence in the United States tends to go largely unnoticed, if not unpunished.

A word of advice from a historical perspective, for both parties: Get your people under control, embrace coexistence, and stop trying to “immanentize the eschaton” via violence. Because if you do manage to brute force the U.S. into adopting your preferred reality, the inevitable political counterreaction will be far worse than the thing you oppose today.

This isn’t a threat. This is begging.

On Monday, law enforcement officials in New Hampshire arrested three left-wing activists after they were caught trespassing at an Israeli-owned defense factory. Factory employees called the police at around 8 a.m., claiming the driveway had been blocked and that at least three people had gained access to the roof. The fire department was also called out after smoke was spotted billowing from the factory roof.

“Officers discovered the front of the building had been spray-painted with red paint, windows had been smashed, and at least one of the main lobby doors had been locked shut via a bicycle anti-theft device,” Union Leader reports. “Police said the smoke was caused by an incendiary device similar to ones later located on one of the suspects. Officers on the roof found more spray painting, smashed skylights, and damage to HVAC equipment.”

The women, Sophie Marika Ross, 22, Calla Mairead Walsh, 19, and Bridget Irene Shergalis, 27, are charged with various crimes, including riot, sabotage, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct.

If the name Calla Mairead Walsh rings a bell, it’s because she starred recently in a glowing New York Times puff piece titled “An ‘Army of 16-Year-Olds’ Takes On the Democrats.”