Christopher Bedford of the Federalist dissects a recent problem perpetrated by the political left.

Today, the CDC recommends keeping kids masked and away from their peers because of a disease that doesn’t threaten them. Indeed, one of the earliest things we learned — more than two years ago — is the disease doesn’t threaten children. Still, the CDC and its adherents keep kids under tighter lockdowns than adults anywhere in the country hold themselves to. All in the name of health.

So what does the word “healthy” even mean today? Increasingly, it means whatever those in power want it to. Take a look at this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. …

… The image is supposed to be bold; to generate conversation. How? A catalog traditionally dedicated to celebrating extremely fit women is instead celebrating an obese woman; is instead promoting what the woke left claims is a “healthier” body image.

Celebrating “plus-sized” models is all the rage these days. Companies that don’t get in on the fad are themselves shamed for having “fat shamed” — a term to used keep our increasingly unhealthy citizenry comfortable in their own unhealthiness.

Regardless of whether you think “fat is beautiful,” it’s not healthy. The “brave” discussion Sports Illustrated generated isn’t about that, though. While plenty of writers and reporters were eager to condemn philosopher Jordan Peterson’s misdirected criticism of the model, far fewer were eager to mention the deadly side effects of gross obesity; among them, diabetes, heart disease and — interestingly enough — the dreaded Covid.

For years now we’ve known that, far from “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Covid is rather a pandemic of the fat, who have suffered far higher fatality rates per infection.

But even while fear of Covid keeps our kids out of school for sometimes years at a time to protect “their health,” those same health concerns are quickly ejected in the name of what progressives recharacterize as “body positivity.”