Brittany Bernstein writes for National Review Online about the latest examples of media malfeasance.

Left-wing pundits want you to know it’s actually not that big of a deal to occupy a building — and they’re actually kind of annoyed you would suggest otherwise.

“Ok for the last damn time: THE OCCUPATION OF A BUILDING IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST,” said Nathan J. Robinson, editor in chief of Current Affairs magazine.

And MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says he feels like he’s losing his mind a little: “People understand that “occupying buildings on campus” is, like, one of the most common forms of student protest for decades and not some devious new ploy devised by professional anarchist plotters, right?”

He doubled down later on his show, All In, attempting to contextualize the recent events at Columbia University by discussing an incident at Morehouse College in the 1960s when civil rights protesters locked college trustees in their offices.

“College activism has long been a part of college education,” Hayes said, arguing the media’s “sense of proportion” in its recent reporting “seems to be lacking.”

He claimed it is “easier to argue about what college kids are doing than to confront the human misery and destruction that’s happening in the actual conflict which is, of course, the source of these protests.

”But it’s worth noting it’s hardly “kids” behind these protests — demonstrators range from undergrads to Ph.D. and law students, with some faculty and outside agitators afoot as well.

Protesters who seized Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall renamed it “Hinds Hall,” in commemoration of the death of Hind Rajab, a six-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Demonstrators vandalized the building, breaking doors and windows, and blockaded entrances before the New York Police Department performed a sweep of the building. At least 119 people who barricaded themselves inside the admissions building were arrested. The cost of damage to the building is likely to total thousands of dollars.

New York City mayor Eric Adams said that he believed outside agitators were responsible for the escalation of campus protests.