In discussing lefty group Priorities USA’s efforts to attack Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s education policies, James Lileks offers National Review readers a humorous take on the merits of higher education.

Romney hates college, so he would cut programs that make it possible for middle-class kids to afford a four-year fantasy interval of hash and hook-ups while parroting trendy twaddle to withered agitators barnacled to the hull by tenure. Maybe that’s a good thing. If middle-class kids can’t afford college, something is wrong with college. Educational institutions have realized they can charge thousands of dollars for classes like “Woven among Us: Queer Quilt-Makers in Colonial Nova Scotia,” so they do. No one complains, because studies show that college automatically makes you richer, perhaps because employers think, “If you could stomach that codswallop without geysering latte out your nostrils in laughter, you’ll put up with anything I throw at you.”