Fascinating political news on Thursday when Gov. Roy Cooper sat for a 30-minute virtual interview with Politico’s Elena Schneider. The headlines from a confident-sounding Cooper talking to North Carolina native Schneider:

  • He thinks North Carolina will follow Virginia and turn ‘blue’
  • No, he won’t run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Richard Burr
  • He thinks he would win if he ran
  • Why not run? Because it would put Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in the governor’s seat
  • He’s open to the Democratic vice presidential spot in the future

Click below to hear it for yourself. It’s three and a half minutes you don’t want to miss.


I encourage you to watch and listen to the entire Politico interview here.

In the clip above, Gov. Cooper said he doesn’t want Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson to be governor because “if you look at who he is and what he stands for, I’m not sure that North Carolina needs two years of that, because if I ran [for U.S. Senate in 2022], I believe that I would win.”

So who is Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and what does he believe? Here’s Robinson recently addressing the crowd at CPAC. Decide for yourself.


I’d say our current governor has noticed that the Lt. Governor doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind.