Episode 17 of Head Locke features a discussion of a new analysis on the Opportunity Scholarship program with special guest, Mitch Kokai. The Opportunity Scholarship Program is a private school voucher program for low-income children in North Carolina.

North Carolina State University researchers found that the program produced “positive, large, and statistically significant” outcomes for voucher students compared to a matched group of public school students.  The guys point out that these findings confirm what Opportunity Scholarship supporters have always suspected – low-income students receive meaningful academic benefits in the private schools they choose to attend.  Nevertheless, they caution that those who oppose vouchers will continue to do so despite the N.C. State study.

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If this study on the Opportunity Scholarship sparks your interest, please join us Monday, June 25th at noon for our weekly Shaftesbury event. The analysis of the Opportunity Scholarship program is the topic and two members of the NC State research team are the speakers.