As we bid farewell to 2023, I am delighted to bring to you: “Locke Wrapped 2023” – a brief recap of Locke’s significant policy victories throughout the past year: 

Welcome to “Locke Wrapped 2023”: 

1. Pioneering the Parents’ Bill of Rights Initiative

This year, we saw the successful passage of the Parents’ Bill of Rights, a monumental step in empowering parents in their children’s education.  

This legislation ensures that parents are in the driver’s seat of their children’s education and have a decisive voice in what their children are taught and how they are taught. 

2. Advocating for the Expansion of the Opportunity Scholarship Program

In our ongoing commitment to educational excellence, Locke advocated for and witnessed the massive expansion of the Opportunity Scholarship Program.  

This initiative now offers North Carolina families access to quality education, regardless of their economic background.  

Locke is proud to have helped make universal school choice a reality for all North Carolinians. 

It’s a leap forward in providing equal educational opportunities for all children across the Tar Heel State! 

3. Upholding Free, Fair, and Secure Elections 

Our continuous fight for free, fair, and secure elections in North Carolina has made significant strides this year. 

The North Carolina General Assembly overrode Gov. Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 747, meaning many of the election reforms Locke has advocated for will keep our democracy strong and secure.  

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that every citizen’s vote is protected and that the electoral process remains transparent and trustworthy. 

4. Expanding Reliable and Affordable Energy

We’re proud to have played a key role in expanding access to reliable and affordable energy for North Carolinians.  

Most notably, back in August, Duke Energy announced its plans to replace one of the company’s coal-fired power plants with new small modular nuclear reactors at the Belews Creek Steam Station.  

Gradually replacing coal plants with new nuclear facilities will save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars compared to replacing them with wind, solar, and battery storage. Second, it promotes nuclear energy, which is the energy of the future. Duke Energy’s newly recommended resource plan doesn’t include any offshore wind through 2038 but instead has 2.4 GW of clean nuclear energy.  

These plans come after years of suggestions we’ve provided to Duke Energy with our hopes of fostering energy efficiency, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring that every North Carolinian has access to the energy they need at a price they can afford.  

5. Establishing Carolina Journal as North Carolina’s Premier Independent News Source for Politics & Public Policy  

Over the past year, Carolina Journal has fortified its legacy of uncovering stories that traditional media often overlook, a commitment that has been recognized with nine prestigious North Carolina Press Association awards. 

Our 2023 Annual Report is now available and highlights our achievements over the past year and outlines our exciting plans for 2024. To delve into the details and learn more about Locke’s future direction, please click here to see the report. 

Friend, as we conclude 2023, we acknowledge the progress made and recognize the journey ahead. Each accomplishment paves the way for future challenges and opportunities as we continue striving for a freer and more prosperous North Carolina.