Thanks to failed federal fiscal policies and the astronomical growth in government — which they will have to pay for at some point — here is the life the 20-somethings are leading these days.

Young adults are increasingly moving back home upon graduation and delaying their transition into what is traditionally considered adulthood. A recent Clark University Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults found that 38% of parents have grown children living at home. However, Clark University professor Jeffrey Arnett and author of When Will My Grown-Up Kid Grow Up?, notes that there is a common misconception about how parents feel about their boomerang children. The poll found that 61% of parents claim that having their children back is a “mostly positive” experience and 73% report having “mostly positive” relationships with them.

As a result of the changing times, Arnett asserts that “a new life stage has developed in the last half century.” This new category includes those aged 18 to 29 and is characterized by the delayed transition into a stable life, which includes marriage, parenthood and careers. Essentially, 30 has become the new 20.

It’s the lost decade.

And here is the sad irony. Many of these 20-somethings — I know several of them — voted for big-government liberals whose policies are the worst thing possible for the Millennial generation. It’s a sad irony they probably won’t appreciate for years.