Rick Moran of PJMedia.com highlights the latest awful polling news for President Biden’s White House.

A new Harvard Center for American Political Studies-Harris Poll survey released Friday shows that a whopping 62% of voters say that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were president.

The partisan breakdown is even more striking: 85% of Republicans think Putin wouldn’t have invaded if Trump had been president and 38% of Democrats also believed it. Just 38% of American voters believed Putin would still have invaded if Trump were president.

The Hill:

“A majority of Americans polled — 59 percent — also said they believed that the Russian president moved on Ukraine because Putin saw weakness in President Biden, while 41 percent said that it was not a factor in Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.”

Biden’s overall approval rating dropped to a new low of 38% in the Harris poll. And only 17% said they “strongly approve” of Biden’s performance. …

… If that’s not bad enough news for Biden, he is failing catastrophically on lunch-pail issues.

“Economic concerns hit close to home for Americans. 29% say their family finances have gotten worse in the last year. 23% say they have gotten better, and 48% say things are status quo.”

On Tuesday, Joe Biden will speak to the country on the State of the Union. The universal pundit take is that he must “hit a home run” to save his presidency. That’s nonsense. The SOTU speech is only important to inside-the-beltway types and the national media.

What would be more effective for Biden would be to demonstrate that he’s a leader, not just a dismal echo of the far-left noise machine.

But that would take a kind of courage that the president has never shown in his nearly 50 years in politics.